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Trusted by local residents and professionals alike, Epoxy Flooring Miami goes the extra length to deliver results that set the highest standards for epoxy flooring systems in the area. We specialize in heavy-duty industrial coatings, residential coatings, custom flooring, and epoxy resurfacing for old surfaces. With a skilled crew with decades of experience between them, the best equipment in the industry, and a dedication to creating one-of-a-kind flooring solutions, we know you’ll be satisfied with the services we offer.

Serviced Areas for Epoxy Floor Miami, FL

Epoxy Miami provides epoxy flooring and garage coating services to all areas in Miami, FL, including:

We can also provide commercial flooring if you are in an area near Miami. If you have any questions about the areas we service, you can reach out to us at (786) 640-0624.

Our Services

Epoxy Garage Floor

Garage areas are prone to surface cracks and breaking. Hence, it needs to be taken care of and maintained regularly to avoid further damage. Designed to be durable, impact-resistant, and stain-resistant, epoxy floors in the garage are a cost-effective flooring option that won’t let you down. And because it can be applied on almost any preexisting surface, you don’t have to worry about the costs of ripping out your old floors to make way for your new epoxy coating. We offer elegant custom garage floors that seamlessly integrate with the rest of your home’s decor at competitive prices that won’t break the bank.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

Looking for floors that go beyond flat solid colors and patterns? Integrate a metallic effect into your residential or commercial epoxy floor with metallic epoxy. We make this attractive and multi-dimensional flooring accessible and affordable for anyone looking to give a cool effect to their space. It’s done by mixing in glitter and other holographic chrome into the desired epoxy coating and is available in a wide variety of color schemes.

Epoxy Floor Coating

For residential and commercial properties looking to make their concrete floors more durable and long-lasting, a simple application of epoxy floor coating or epoxy paint does the trick. This is perhaps the most common epoxy application people choose to get because of how much value you get at its low cost. We can apply a premixed color for your epoxy floors or create a custom look for your floors, including color, patterns, and logos. Let us build your dream epoxy floor together.

Epoxy Flake Chip

If you have a commercial space and are looking for highly durable and impact-resistant epoxy floor that are also low-odor and chemical-resistant, choose epoxy flake chip floors. This is a highly suitable flooring system for industrial spaces like manufacturing plants and commercial garages. It uses three layers of flooring coatings to ensure the best durability. A primer coat of epoxy is first laid down, which strengthens the surface of the floor and provides a stable bottom layer for the next two coatings. While the epoxy is still wet, vinyl “chips” are scattered evenly over the floors. The vinyl chips come in a variety of pre-mixed colors but can also be customized to your liking. We offer up to 100% chip coverage, with differing broadcast techniques to make sure we get the look you want. When the chips have been laid down and any excess material has been removed, a sealer coat of polyaspartic is used to complete the job and lock in the two bottom layers. A polyaspartic coating also offers UV protection and is weather-resistant. We offer this service to commercial spaces of any size, with affordable pricing to make it an economical solution for your business.

Epoxy Slurry

Epoxy flooring systems are not just for newly installed floors, but they’re also a suitable solution for older concrete floors that have started showing signs of wear and tear and that may have surface cracks and pits that you want to be covered up. An epoxy slurry is a combination of epoxy coating and aggregates like sand, specially-made slurry powder, or finely-grained silica. The addition of aggregates to the epoxy mixture creates a thicker and denser coating that can sufficiently cover up cosmetic imperfections and create a thick layer of resurfaced floor to regain the best use of your floors. Our slurry mixture is a tried-and-tested coating that can restore life to older floors. This service is done in combination with removing old floor coating and patching up cracks and other pits on the surface for maximum care.

Epoxy Mortar

Epoxy mortar is a useful epoxy floor coating for a variety of reasons and uses. It can be used to create an extremely high-build and heavy-duty flooring in commercial and industrial properties and can also be used to patch up outdoor concrete like driveways. Stronger than concrete, our epoxy mortar system uses innovative 5-layer technology that is designed to handle heavy use of the floor and reduce any chance of deterioration or abrasion during impact or chemical exposure. It uses a 100% solids epoxy - the purest on the market - and our special graded sand. This flooring solution is a popular choice for properties where a heavy-duty and extremely strong floor is needed in day-to-day operations.

Epoxy patching compounds

If you’re looking at your old worn-out floors and are wondering what other solution exists other than ripping them out and completely replacing them, you’ll be glad to know a solution in epoxy patching compounds exists. Self-leveling and able to patch up even the deepest of cracks, epoxy patching compounds are a popular solution for people looking to extend the lifespan of their old floors. As an additional service, epoxy paint can be applied on top of the newly patched floors to seal the job in and provide a new stronger surface.

Commercial flooring solutions

At Epoxy Miami, we take pride in the trust local businesses put into our services. And they trust us because we don’t just provide the efficient and skilled installation of new epoxy flooring, but because we are solution-oriented. If you are a local business looking to find a way to make your property more durable, easy to maintain, and safe for your employees, you can count on us to build you a custom plan that takes into account all your needs. We want to build a flooring system that works for you, not against you.

Floor Coatings Removal

You may have already heard people talk about how a major drawback for epoxy is how hard it is to remove it should you ever choose to replace your concrete floors. But while it is hard, it is not impossible. And with Epoxy Miami, it is a positively simple and straightforward process. For relatively new epoxy floors or for epoxy that has not completely cured, the use of solvents and acidic baths can go a long way to remove epoxy. But for older floors, the only solution for complete removal is mechanical. We use a combination of grinders and handheld diamond-tipped rotary tools to completely remove the epoxy. We make sure every last trace of it is removed to provide you with a new surface ready for the next phase of its life.

To receive a free quote or discuss any of our epoxy floors Miami services with us, we can be reached at (786) 640-0624.

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy floor coatings cost up to $9 per square foot with the products and and labor included. Doing it yourself may seem like the cheaper alternative since you can get epoxy products at $3 to $7. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include the equipment, patching compounds. and sealers the actual process entails.

Epoxy floors may take longer to harden and exude strong toxic fumes. That is why most homeowners choose to hire professionals that are experienced at handling epoxy products. Although some say it is tedious, it is actually quite simple with the right equipment like trowels and epoxy stilts. What’s more, you can avoid slips and falls by adding a slip-resistant top coat over it.

Epoxy floors can last 20 years if it is pure resin material and the application done was thick enough. Some mistake epoxy coatings for epoxy paint. These will only last you 3 years due to it’s thin layer.

Epoxy floors are worth your time and money. They are the king of garage floors for many reasons. You won’t have to worry about tire marks, cracks, chipping, and oil stains since these coatings are built to last and look good for a long time.

Why Choose Epoxy Floors Miami

We let our work speak for ourselves. Like us, we know you’re focused on results. And our work shows the extent of our professional service, our efficiency, and the skill with which we install epoxy flooring systems in Miami. And now, we want to do the same with you. If you’re looking for a partner in flooring solutions that works to create flooring that you want and need, we provide custom floors that can be designed to suit your purpose. 

As a local leader in Miami epoxy flooring, we make sure our techniques are innovative and up-to-date and that our equipment is of high quality. When you hire us to carry out a job, we take care of the entire process – planning, prep work, installation, clean-up, and regular maintenance to make the process smooth, easy, and stress-free. Get garage floor coatings for your homes.

Our licensed crew has decades of experience and an eye for perfection to create flooring solutions that won’t fail you. So, what are you waiting for? Work with the best epoxy flooring contractors in town: expert, experienced, and reliable!

To book a consultation with us, receive a free quote, or ask us about our services and what we can do for you, pick up the phone today and call us at (786) 640-0624 or fill out our quick online form to reach us immediately. We are based in Miami FL.

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